How To Earn Income As A New Pet Influencer

You have a cat or dog and you are curious if there is actually a way to make money with just a few subscribers on your social media!

Trying to monetize your pet when you first start out can be confusing and there are SO MANY ways that people promote to be “the best way to make money for influencers”.

The goal of this article is to point you in the direction of multiple ways you can focus your time to earn your first income as a pet influencer!

As a brand new pet influencer, I am sure you are filled with excitement to share your love for your pet with the world (and make some dough, right!).

However, I encourage you to set aside the excitement for just a moment and actually think about your channel as a small business!

How can you make money quickly as a pet influencer when there is already so much competition out there?

This article dives into practical strategies that are not only legitimate for new pet influencers, but are ways I’ve earned income myself!

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TikTok: A Platform of Opportunity

TikTok is essentially a breeding ground for creativity and quick monetization opportunities.

For new pet influencers, the platform offers two primary avenues for earning: the TikTok Creativity Program and the TikTok Affiliate Shop.


TikTok Creativity Program (Creator Rewards Program)

With TikTok’s Creativity Program, influencers can earn revenue directly from the platform based on video views.

You can find this Program under “Creator Rewards Program” on the TikTok app – take note that the name of this program has recently changed!

While the criteria has varied in the past few months, TikTok has finally landed on the Creator Rewards Program (aka the Creativity Program) in which eligible creators can start earning money from their content.

The eligibility requirements for the TikTok Creator Rewards Program are:

  • 100,000 views in the past month
  • 18 years of age
  • Comply with the Community Guidelines

To earn from this program, you must make videos on TikTok that are more than 1 minute long. You only earn from videos >1 minute.

I have personally seen countless influencers, both in and out of the pet niche, making hundreds to thousands per month off the TikTok Creator Rewards Program.

Personally, I have found it challenging to make videos that are that long, except when the video is story-based.

However, there are so many other creators out there who are focusing on this long-form style of content and it WORKS!

So if you are a new creator, get to 10,000 followers and you can start earning from each video you post (that is more than 1 minute!).


TikTok Affiliate Shop

The newest addition to TikTok’s monetization options is the TikTok Affiliate Shop!

If you have spent 5 minutes on TikTok, you have seen videos promoting products on the TikTok Shop.

The TikTok Shop is a hub where small businesses can sell their products.

A big appeal to businesses to sell on TikTok Shop is that influencers can promote their products! (Insert: You!)

Essentially, influencers can earn commissions by promoting products in their videos. While commission rates may vary, the potential for substantial earnings is still there!

I’ve heard plenty of stories the past few months of small creators/influencers who have posted a video for a product on the TikTok Shop and have earned hundreds of dollars in affiliate commission.

If you are a part of the Petfluencer Secrets Group Coaching Program, I recently posted an in-depth video in your course about the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program, so be sure to watch that video to learn EVERYTHING about earning as a Shop Affiliate!

YouTube: Your Opportunity For Passive Income

While YouTube’s Partner Program may present initial challenges for new creators, it remains a trustworthy way to earn passive income in the long run!

With diligent content creation and audience engagement, pet influencers can reap the benefits of ad revenue sharing and brand partnerships.


YouTube Partner Program

Although it takes time and diligence to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program as a creator, the opportunity to earn passive income through ad revenue sharing makes it a worthwhile!

Joining the Program: To become part of the YouTube Partner Program, you need to meet certain requirements. These requirements are like rules you have to follow to be in the club. Here are the main things you need:

  1. Subscribers: You need to have a certain number of people who subscribe to your channel. Subscribers are like fans who want to see more of your videos. You’ll need 1000 subscribers to hit this benchmark.
  2. Watch Time: Watch time is how much time people spend watching your videos. To join the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have a certain amount of watch time on your channel. This means lots of people have to watch your videos and enjoy them. You’ll need 4000 “watch hours” of long-form (>1 minute) content on YouTube to check this box.

Once you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, you can start making money from your videos. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ads

You know those little commercials you sometimes see before a video starts? Those are ads. When you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program, ads can appear on your videos. Every time someone watches an ad on your video, you earn a little bit of money.

The more people watch your videos, the more money you can make. So, it’s important to make videos that people enjoy and want to watch again and again!

Example: Let’s say you have a YouTube channel all about your pet dog doing funny tricks. You make videos of your dog catching a ball or doing a dance. Because lots of people watch your videos and subscribe to your channel, you eventually qualify for the YouTube Partner Program. Now, every time someone watches an ad on your videos, you earn a little bit of money. It’s like getting paid for sharing your pet’s adorable moments with the world!

  1. Selling Products and Services

Beyond ad revenue, some pet influencers leverage their expertise to develop and sell products or services related to their niche.

Whether it’s ebooks on pet care or cute stickers or downloadables, offering valuable resources can generate additional streams of income while establishing authority within the community!

Instagram: The Hub For Brand Collaborations

Instagram is currently the hub for landing paid brand collaborations and posting sponsored content – providing new pet influencers with opportunities to monetize their presence on the platform.

By cultivating an engaged following and showcasing authentic content, creators can attract partnerships with pet-centric brands seeking to reach their target audience.

Brand Collaborations

There are a ton of ways to land paid brand deals, but to be honest, this is very hard as a new creator.

I have worked with over 50 pet creators 1-on-1 and only ONE has ever landed a paid brand deal with under 3000 followers.

Most of the time I see paid opportunities offered to creators with 25,000+ subscribers on Instagram.

But, this does not mean that it is impossible! I encourage all of my clients to seek these opportunities when you can, because there are not easy opportunities on Instagram to make money (for new creators).

Diversifying Revenue Streams

In addition to sponsored content, pet influencers can explore alternative revenue streams on Instagram, such as affiliate marketing, digital product sales, and sponsored events or appearances.

I’ve worked with a pet influencer who got an in-person paid gig with a pet brand at less than 5000 followers!

I always encourage finding multiple ways (or “streams”) to make money. If you just rely on ONE way to make money, if that one way ends then you’ll all of a sudden have no income coming in!



There are a ton of ways that BRAND NEW pet influencers can make money with less than 5000 followers!

Whether through ad revenue, brand collaborations, or product sales, the journey to earning money as a pet influencer is within reach for those anyone who puts some effort into it!

In conclusion, while the road to quick success as a new pet influencer can be hard (like ANY type of influencer!), it also offers opportunities to grow, learn, and establish new skills!

So if you have under 5000 followers as a pet influencer, be sure to check out one of these ways to make money on social media using your pet!