The 3 Most Important Aspects to an Influencer’s Username

Most people, when they start their first social media account online for their new influencer account, they spend less than three minutes thinking about their username. Don’t be that person!

If you stumbled across this article, you’re an aspiring influencer (or better yet, an up-and-coming pet influencer!). This article will guide you through the most important aspects of creating a lasting username for your new pet influencer account. Be sure to also checkout the below video so you can have a better understanding of how important it is to create your username and what to do going forward as a content creator!

There are three specific details that you need to recognize before jumping in and creating your pet influencer account!

These are the tips to follow when creating your pet influencer username:

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Make Your Profile Name Memorable
  3. Keep Your Username Searchable

Let’s dive into each of those categories to better understand how they will affect the choosing of your new username!

When it comes to a profile name (that’s the same as your username) these three things will probably make or break when it comes to having a long-term successful account. Now, I want to answer a few questions before we get started.

The very first question is, can I change my name later?

So what happens if you create a username now and in a few weeks or months down the road, you don’t like it or find out that there are better options?

What’s good is that on your social media platforms, you can change your chosen username. What you choose today can be changed later, for the most part. I do want you to recognize though, when it comes to YouTube, you may have a struggle of a time adjusting your username. You can change your TikTok username later on. Same as on Instagram, same as Snapchat.

But, YouTube? Although you can change it, it is harder to change the Gmail email account name that is associated with it.

Tip #1: Keep It Simple

Now, let’s go straight into the first secret when it comes to creating a successful and profitable profile name for your influencer account! And the first tip is to keep it simple.

Now, that tip in itself sounds like quite a simple tip, but here’s the deal: When it comes to creating a username for an influencer account, you want it short and you want it simple. If you have a username that is multiple words long, or a name that is hard for people to search in a search bar (think: lots of letters and numbers), it will make it hard to be found and remembered.

Less and less people will be able to find you later on. You do not want that to be the case!

So, how can you make that more simple? Honestly, look at any big pet influencer account on social media, and almost every single time you will find that it is very simple.

Here are a few ideas to keep your pet influencer username simple:

  • Do not add numbers to your name (Examples to avoid: SammyTheCat1997, MarshmallowsWorld5)
  • Do not add special characters to your name (Examples to avoid: dogsofinsta$1, _Pumpkins_life!)

These tips are not absolutes, but recommendations to help you have the BEST success with your new account!

Tip #2: Make Your Profile Name Memorable

Second, you must make your profile name memorable!

Think of it this way: You WANT people to say, “oh yeah, I remember Skittles the Stunk”!, or something like that. It is much harder for people to remember @skittlestheskunk01715 compared to @SkittlesTheSkunk. See the difference?

When considering your new influencer username, what can you do to make it memorable?

Here are a few tips to consider when trying to make your new username memorable!

  • Alliterations are great! (Example: AllyTheAlligator, CupcakesCreations)
  • Stay breed-specific (Example: BiskitTheCalico, ChipTheManx, KrueTheDood)
  • Separate words with a period (Example: cats.explained)

When in doubt, do not add to your username! But make sure that it fits your account’s intentions. Ensure that your profile name reflects what your account’s purpose is.

Tip #3: Keep Your Username Searchable

The third secret to making the best pet influencer account username is to make it searchable!

One of your goals with creating a Petfluencer account is likely to earn extra income online by making your pet famous! You must recognize that people are going to search you and you need your profile name to be searchable.

So, what does that mean? Having a searchable name means that if you were to put it into Google, there is no one else with an exact name like you!

This ties into the aspect of being memorable. You do not want your “Life of Max” account to get confused with the multiple other “Life of Max’s” out there! You want to stand out, so if your chosen username is taken, you must consider something else!

One of the most popular profile name types within the Petfluencer community is “[pet’s name] the [breed]”. As mentioned, having that type of profile name set up makes it so much easier for you to be searched on Google or be searched within YouTube or TikTok.

Pro Tips for New Influencer Accounts

Now that we’ve talked about those tips, I do want to go through few important factors to recognize before just diving in and starting your accounts!

Do Your Research

One of the most important steps to take is to do your research! I cannot tell you how many people I have seen, talked to, and worked with within the Petfluencer community who have thought of a “good sounding username”, but then create one account and recognize that account name on another platform.

Even though the username is available on Instagram does not mean it isn’t already taken on TikTok, for example! That makes this process a bit more difficult.

If you take these tips to heart and really want your username to be memorable, you have to do some research. Open up your social media platforms, and even open up Google! Just type your username idea in, filter it for the accounts and see if there are any accounts for it. Go onto the other platforms you want and do the same. This should seriously take no longer than three minutes for each username that you consider.

Trust me, doing this step will save you BIG time down the road, compared to learning that it is taken after creating a few profiles.

Set Up A Gmail With Your Chosen Username

Another tip that I really recommend in the Petfluencer coaching program is to set up a Gmail or an email that is associated with your social media accounts rather than trying to use your own personal email.

This makes it easier for connecting to brands as you begin making User Generated Content and Sponsored Posts. But here’s something to also recognize: Email name availability should also be something that you need to take into account when creating your profile name.

You do not want to get far into creating your accounts and fail to know that the email is also taken!

Keep The Same Username Across Platforms

I always recommend keeping your usernames the same across each of your social media platforms for real brand identity and for recognition.

If you come across the unfortunate situation where your PERFECT username is taken on one social platform, there are a few other options that you can consider within your profile name.

You could add in the word “Official” to your username, for example. Let’s say you want the name “@lifeofmax” but it is taken. Instead, you could change it to “lifeofmax_official”.

Just be cautious to not add too much to your username, because you do not want it to get too long! And it just, again, gets harder for people to search you.

But always remember, keep it simple, make it memorable, and make sure your profile name is searchable. As always, if you have any questions, make sure to comment them in the Petfluencer Facebook group.

If you are looking for free username and pet influencer content ideas, get your free Petfluencer mini course here and get started on your Petfluencer journey today!